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the main star : ralph (AKA) : John C. Reilly


is a 8-bit videogame character  who is the villain

of the video game which he was

Created  to be in  "fix-it Felix.Jr"

after 30 years  of never  getting  the recognition ralph would love to have he tryes to win a medal to prove to  the other  characters  that  he is not just a guy who wants to get tossed  of the big houses the others stay in but not him.  Felix  comes to know  that  ralph  has gone into  another  game to do this in the arcade

& felix goes to save ralph


In my opinion  makes for an ok family film  despite  there being a few  boring moments

It is ok

For a family film & the cast are fantastic  for their  respective  roll

7/10 It is ok





Eddy The Eagle Review:


Eddy The Eagle is a fun filled family movie which shows a true story which has be interrupted onto the big screen and is a fun for all ages. It shows a condensed version of the story of Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards. I think this is a ok movie, however I feel ity could have been padded out more with more facts about Mr Edwards.Overall I think this movie is passable however again it needs padded out.






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