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Matrix resurrection

Resurrection? It was dead on arrival 
This movie was certainly interesting. Laura Wachowski Certainly whilst trying to make a hit, made an absolute Fever dream I don't know what's going on with this movie, we have 90s tropes mixed with modern day action scenes where the plotline is so thin it looks like a pencil on a diet.
It starts off trying to be edgy whereby the alleged 'summary' is that Mr Anderson (
KeanuReeves ) is a videogame developer and supposedly, the matrix has all been in his head which dishonours in my opinion the well fleshed out franchise that was developed from the 90s to the early 2000s.
The original trilogy was not about realism but,
About escapism to a world unknown that we could all mould ourselves into.This movie feels like such a quick pandering on Hollywood that it is a fall from grace and therefore I would not consider it part of the once beloved franchise and more like its bastard brother that went off the rails the movie in and of itself makes for a picture where you can. turn your brain off but, it's nothing groundbreaking such as the other three movies.
Which is why I do not consider it part of the franchise Ms.Wachowski really Missed the mark on this one and I am sorrowful to have given this "movie" the time of day if you're a. Fan...avoid this like the plague
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