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Wonder Woman 1984

Hello and welcome to my review of Wonder Woman 1984.  I have to say there have been some pretty patchy home cinema releases by Warner Brothers, in particular, The Witches, which was remade by Robert Zemeckis in 2020 but luckily,they seem to have improved since Robert Zemeckis tirade of The Witches and are now actually providing something that that is worth the roughly £14-15 you must pay for ‘cinema at home rental’. Basically, this means that you rent the title via a streaming platform before the movie is released, which I thinkduring the current pandemic is a very positive thing to do because it means that people that don’t have access to traditional cinemas can still access the theatre experience,even if only in a limited compacity.  I feel like they did a really fantastic job separating the atmosphere from what I saw in the trailers of the first movie (I have not seen the first one) but given the fact that this is set upon a completely different story line and time, from what I gather from what I have looked at.  It has okay pacing, the main actress, Gal Gadot,did a fantastic job delivering the performance of Wonder Woman. The synopsis of the movie is, she works in an archaeological institute at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, they find this precious artifact.  The artefact grants you a wish, it grants you the ability to make a specific wish and basically everybody is consumed by greed and a rich oil Baron, Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, from Texas wants the artefact for his own personal gain to monopolise the oil industry and they he effectively consumes everybody’s oil and everything and pretty much the world falls into chaos and dries up, Wonder Woman swoops in and basically gets the public to reverse and take back their wishes they granted themselves by meeting this man.  The moral of the story being that greed and want doesn’t get everything in life and unfortunately sometimes we have to cope with the situation we are in for things to get better.  Overall, as a standalone movie, because I haven’t watched the first one, which was just called Wonder Woman, I would give this movie a 6.1 out of 10, I think that’s a good mark there but overall, these are my thoughts and thank you for reading this review. Cheers.

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