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Witches (1990)

If we look at the original Witches from 1990 it follows more traditionally to the Roald Dahl book.  Witches was directed by Nicolas Roeg with assistance from Jim Henson, as producer, who was also the creator of the Muppets, he helped create the mice and grand high witches face design, however, I’m getting off track.  To start off with Luke, who was played by Jasen Fisher, is orphaned as his parents were involved in a car crash.  Although it is not mentioned in the movie directly it is clearly stated in the book that this crash happened during a snowy night, the fact movie goers were not privy to this information they did a fantastic job with a cinematic cut of them getting into the car and going off the road and down a hill.  Essentially what happens is it cuts completely to the next morning were Luke, their son, comes down from his bedroom upstairs to show his parents some paintings he has done and then it cuts again to two police officers arriving to his house and this then results in his grandmother adopting her grandson but then due to the grandmother’s health deteriorating, her doctor recommends that they go to a seaside hotel.  What happens next is they discover that there are some witches masquerading as charity workers holding a meeting, they caught Luke eavesdropping on their meeting and they turn him into a mouse.  His job is to turn their own magic against them as they have this magic formular to kill all the children in England using a mouse potion, which will turn the children into a mouse and therefore as a by-product of this all of the parents will think they have a rodent infestation and then send exterminators in to kill all of the rodents… or at least that is the intended plan anyway.  Luke does know about witches and their idiosyncrasies as they are explained during the first couple of minutes of the movie by his grandma and that is why he is able to escape his first encounter, which is in his tree house on his property in England, however, the meeting is a bit later on in the movie.  When Luke realises that the witches are witches, he tries to escape but then gets turned into a mouse anyway. Using his plan along with his grandmother they are able to use the witches mouse potionand essentially turn the tables and turn the witches themselves into mice, which follows the book very faithfully. I think it’s the Warner Brothers movie that Warner Brothers would like you to forget about, especially with the horrible rerelease in 2020. I think if you want a more faithful movie adaptation of the book, this original 1990 movie is a fantastic place to at least receive a better experience than the 2020 remake.  I would give this movie an 8 out of 10 as love and compassion was put into this movie and you can’t go wrong watching it.  It’s a great Saturday morning/afternoon movie to sit down with a good cup of tea and with the family.  It’s a good way to waste an hour and thirty minutes in terms of switching your brain off and not needing to think about things.  I hope you enjoyed this review from Dominic of DompodMedia.  Thank you.

Credit: BFA / Warner Bros Credit: BFA / Warner Bros
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