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This 'movie' is a travesty costs full movie ticket price of £15.99 which would-be ok, given it is a "HOME PREMIERE"(Movie Which is available for Rent  but un-Released to buy) director Robert Zemeckis ( who directed the back to the future trilogy) also directed this I find it baffling that he could have directed something so awful.

Acting in this it's something to be desired most of the proformances are robotic although the kids can be forgiven

the adult actores however how much more expedience allegedly. Anne Hathaway has the most terrible accent for the grand high witch coupled  With the forementioned bad cgi it does not make for a good mix other than this her acting it's OK.

Jahzir Bruno who plays 'boy hero' ( real name Luke) he does an awesome job relationship dynamic between himself and the actor who plays grandma it's believable and at times special

the story of the movie rather than grandma telling her grandson stories about witches boy hero.

runs into witch with absolutely no build up after that there is a rubbish back story regarding grandmas old friend this back story continuous for about 15 minutes.

Before Gran realize she needs to get them to safety so
The movie is forgettable from that point on which is a shame.
she then organises to go and stay somewhere they won't be found  The story from that point is so forgettable It is like They

Speed read the book.


In all I give this at 3 out of 5 for its being a Shameless cash-in 

The above review has been written by Dominic Howatson and its contents of DompodMedia in regards to its written Segment

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